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        Job Offers

        Post Education

        Job Requirements

        Senior Researcher Master’s degree or above Major in polymer, drug extraction, organic synthesis, etc., with more than three years of R&D experience in chemical or pharmaceutical companies. 1-2
        Assistant R&D Officer Bachelor degree or above Chemistry-related major, with more than two years of working experience in a chemical or pharmaceutical company. Major in organic synthesis is preferred. 2-3
        Seller College degree or above More than two years of sales experience in chemical, pharmaceutical and other products. 1
        Equipment management and maintenance College degree or above Familiar with chemical industry equipment and strong practical experience. 1
        Maintenance worker Above high school Engaged in equipment maintenance, electrical welding processing; electrician certificate, welder certificate. 1-2
        Production operator Above high school Have a certain degree of chemical operation experience, and more than three years of working experience in a chemical or pharmaceutical company. 7-8

        Salary Treatment:

        Weekends, five social insurances and one housing fund, paid annual leave, free working meals, birthday gifts, year-end prizes, year-end prizes, holiday gifts, family bonuses, etc.

        There is a shuttle bus in Tianjin.

        Work location and contact information:

        Company Address: No. 969-6, Kaixuan Street, Dagang Petrochemical Industrial Park, Binhai New District, Tianjin

        Phone: 022-63233557

        Email: hr@www.hairespa.com

        Website: www.www.hairespa.com